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We choose carefully the purest products from regional producers and offer traditional meals, finest wines and beer from the barrel. Not only our many dishes, but also the pizza is excellent, which is being baked in the traditional oven.

Our restaurant has a beautiful garden, where we serve daily at least 12 different dishes, fresh vegetables and great variety of greek traditional recipes.

At the tavern terrace, next to the pool in an amazing ambience with view tot he sea, we serve various kinds of roast meat and if are guests wish, fresh fish and sea food. We are more then happy to organize an evening to enjoy your personal moments with your company.


All our fine home products at your plate

Next to GERANION and in the surrounding region, we produce the basic ingredients of modern food, like honey, oil, vegetables and bread for their beneficial effect on our health, as well as grapes and tsipouro for our good spirit. We work on the flavour and scent and offer them to you. We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy preparing them for you.

Honey, the most important sweet element oft he mediterrenean diet.

We carefully produce our own honey, which comes from the rich fauna, and offers plenty of natural elements, and unique quality, scent and flavour. Before the bee was tamed, honey was quite rare and has been concidered as a a product of prestige, as a food of immortality. Ist nutritious worth has been known from the ancient times and is valued still today. Ist an ingredient good for everyone but mostly helps people who need some stimulation because of mental and physical tiredness.

Oil, the basic ingredient of mediterrenean cuisine

In our private olive grove we grow in a traditional way and with natural fertilizers our olive trees and produce olives and fine oil. Enjoy.

Oil, the liquid gold as Homer said is a marvellous source of nutritial ingredients. Ippokrates, as well es the greatest medicals of ancient Greece used oil to heal many cases. Modern medicine still suggests oil as an important part of our nutrition for a long, healthy life, thanks to the natural ingredients.

Pure vegetables, rich in vitamines

In our greenhouse, next tot he hotel entrance, we grow naturally tomatoes, peppers, cucambers, parsley, dill and serve them in all their freshness.

Bread, the basis of our diet

We mash bread often in the greek traditional way and bake it in the oven on wood, till the whole place smells.


our food
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